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The CashPT® Blueprint. The Simple System To 
Create Your Cash-Based Therapy Practice
The Cash-Based Physical Therapy Success System.
  •  Frustrated with insurance companies dictating your treatments and withholding payments?
  •  Overwhelmed by starting a cash-based therapy practice and unsure where to turn for help?
  •  Eager to transition your current in-network practice to a cash-based practice?
  •  Do you want a simple system for starting a cash-based therapy practice?
  •  Frustrated with insurance companies dictating your treatments and withholding payments?
  •  Overwhelmed by starting a cash-based therapy practice and unsure where to turn for help?
  •  Eager to transition your current in-network practice to a cash-based practice?
  •  Do you want a simple system for starting a cash-based therapy practice?
Overwhelmed by starting a cash-based therapy practice and unsure where to turn for help?
Have you decided to start a cash-based therapy practice? Are you unsure where to start? Are you discouraged by other therapists telling you it's not possible? Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of figuring out it on your own? Are you frustrated with the lack of physician referrals that you get and are unclear how to find patients willing to pay you cash? Do you want more time with your patients? your family? for yourself?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this is the most important website that you will ever visit.
Imagine the possibilities: treat 5-6 patients per day, spend more time with your family and have more time to take care of yourself?
You can transform your life today by taking massive action and just doing it! What is holding you back? What are the obstacles that are in your way to starting the practice of your dreams? What is possible for you if you can take back the time you spend collecting payments? What is possible now that you can spend 45-60 minutes with each patient? Once you start a cash based practice you will have “Freedom in Practice!”
Introducing The CashPT® Blueprint. Learn from experts how to create, grow and market your successful cash-based practice.
The CashPT Blueprint is an online training program and community that will walk you through the process of opening, or transitioning to, a cash-based practice. When you can create an experience and environment that patients cannot find elsewhere, provide exceptional service, touch them, listen to them and be an easily accessible resource to them, you will have an extremely valuable product and people will eagerly pay out of pocket to see you.
👉 Step-By-Step Template to start a cash-based practice from scratch.
Let me take the guess work out of starting a cash-based therapy practice.
I will walk you through the entire process of opening, day to day management and marketing a successful practice. You'll get detailed training and action guides so you can easily implement each step.
💪 Seamlessly transition your "in-network" practice to 100% Cash-Based.
Discover the steps, strategies, resources and timeline you need to convert your existing practice to a cash-based practice.
🙌 Easily get patients to contact you directly to schedule an evaluation.
You will learn the proven method to have patients demanding to see you and waiting to pay you cash for your services.
You can have a thriving cash-based practice even without Direct Access!
🤩 Freedom In Practice!
Treat your patients as YOU decide they should be treated, not insurance companies.
Set your own schedule.
Spend more time with your family.
💥 All of your questions answered!
We are here to support you on your journey to creating the practice of your dreams. Just ask.
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the cashpt blueprint
I've Jam Packed Everything Into This Simple System, So You Can Succeed With Ease...
The CashPT Blueprint includes everything you need to create your own cash-based or private pay therapy practice. It includes membership to a private area of our website where you will have access to video training modules, downloads, resources and action guides to help you along the way as you create the practice of your dreams.
Module 1 - The Anatomy of a Cash-Based Practice
You will discover how a successful cash-based physical therapy practice is run and what is possible for you in your practice. In this training you will learn:

   The Anatomy Of My Practice
   My Treatment Room
   The Equipment In My Office
   My Schedule
   What I Use For Documentation
   My Start Up Costs
   Who Are My Patients
   How I Market My Practice
Module 2 - The CashPT Mindset
Mindset Is Everything! We will discuss and prepare you for the cash based therapy practice frame of mind. In this training we will discuss:

   The Cash Based Mindset
   What Are You Worth?
   Direct Access Mindset
   Common Misconceptions
   Who is a “Doctor” Anyway?
   Primary Care Physical Therapy
   Marketing Mindset
Module 3 - Aaron LeBauer's Practice Blueprint
This module will cover the nuts & bolts of running a practice such as scheduling patients, accepting payments, licenses & permits, liability coverage, choosing a practice location, setting your rates, and everything you need to know and do to open the doors for business. In this training you will learn:

   3 Themes of Practice Success
   Steps you need to take to open the doors
   How to choose your location
   How to set your rates
   What to say when asked “Do you take my insurance?”
   Cancellations/No-Show Policy & Informed Consent
   What I use to generate a Superbill, track income, payments, receipts        & referrals
   The Right Way To Schedule Patients
Module 4 - Transitioning To A Cash-Based Practice
In this module we will discuss how to transition your practice from a traditional in-network practice to an out-of-network cash-based practice. You will learn the Steps You Need To Take To:

   Transition Out-Of-Network
   Get Rid Of Money Losing Contracts
   Notify Your Patients Of Your New Services
   Add Cash Based Services
Module 5 - Cash & Compliance
In this module we will discuss Informed Consent, Defensible Documentation, HIPAA & Medicare issues related to cash-based physical therapy practices. In this training you will learn about:

   Informed Consent
   Defensible Documentation
   HIPAA & CashPT – How To Protect Yourself & Your Patients
   Medicare & CashPT – When You Can & Cannot See A Medicare Beneficiary
Module 6 - The Direct Access Marketing System
You will learn proven marketing strategies to generate new referrals and get new patients to contact you directly to schedule their 1st visit. In this training you will learn:

   Marketing Principles
   The Benefits Of An Abundance Mindset
   Give To Get – Principle Of Reciprocity
   How To Market Your Niche
   How To Build Referral Avenues
   How To Use The Internet & Google To Sell Your Services
   The Top Website Pages You Need To Have
   How To Automate Your Marketing Campaigns
   The Vital Role Of Your Blog, Videos & Online Articles
   How To Compel Patients To Call For An Appointment
   How To Create Raving Fans & Loyal Referral Partners
With the CashPT Blueprint you will have all the resources you need to start and grow your successful cash-based therapy practice so that you can spend more time with your family, provide high quality treatments to your patients, spend less effort on billing and collections and find freedom in practice.

- Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT LeBauer Consulting
Here's What You Get When You Join Today!
cashpt blueprint training

Premium Video Training

Learn from exclusive high quality video trainings that will guide you step-by-step to create a successful cash-based therapy practice.

Access to Exclusive Resources

You get access to exclusive links, downloads and discounts for time and money saving resources to run an efficient and profitable practice.

PDF Workbook Downloads

Download PDF action guides, resources and workbooks for each video training.

Downloadable Audio MP3's

Download an Audio Podcast of each training module for on the go learning.
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The CashPT Blueprint is available for enrollment Today! Originally $5,000, now for a limited time get stated today for just $2497. This means that when you invest in your practice today you will get instant access to start your training program so you can achieve cash practice success sooner! You get lifetime access and free product updates to all of The CashPT Blueprint course materials, training modules and bonuses!
Thank you, Aaron, for providing a most needed, informative service. I am just blown away by your content, your willingness to help, and your accessibility. Keep up the great work!!
I've Jam Packed In These Special Bonuses
To Make This Even Easier...
I've included over $7,000 worth of bonuses that many other business owners have used to effectively and efficiently grow and build their practices.

Bonus Download - The CashPT Toolkit

All of the documentation and administration templates you need to run a cash-based physical therapy practice. 30 different documents included!

A $1,550 value.

Bonus Training: Vision & Goal Setting Workshop

This workshop will help you set and reach your goals and will transform your life personally and professionally.

This step-by-step workshop is designed to take you through creating your 10 year vision and pulling clear, specific and measurable goals from that vision. By the end of this workshop, you will walk away with a snapshot vision of what your life (and your practice) looks and feels like in 10 years and the goals/steps that you will take to make it happen!

A $350 Value!

Bonus Training: Do You Take My Insurance Call Training

The most common question asked by patients and fumbled by therapists. It’s important to answer this question, but more importantly to find out more information about the patient’s condition and what is driving them to seek your services. In this video training I take you through the exact answer and follow up questions that I use to get patients on my schedule who’s 1st question and main concern is about insurance. I’ve also included my downloadable call script that you can use when speaking to patients on the phone.

A $1,998 Value!

Bonus Training: Google Docs as Your EMR

In this special bonus training we cover:

The Easy Way to Document and Free Yourself from Expensive and Time Consuming Electronic Medical Record Systems

The Basics of What You Need to Know when it Comes to Google Apps and Using Google Docs as Your EMR

The Simple, Quick and Effective Workflow for Creating Documentation

What You Need to Know and Do to be HIPAA Compliant

A $1,400 Value!

Bonus Training: Medicare & Cash Pay Physical Therapy

In this special bonus training we cover:

When you can and cannot treat a medicare beneficiary

The 3 possible relationships a physical therapist can have with Medicare, which affects every decision you make surrounding this topic.

Why being non-enrolled or un-enrolling in Medicare is also not the same thing as “opting out” of Medicare.

The key factors you must know to determine when you can take cash-payment for “Maintenance Care”… sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t and more…

Bonus Training: Five Easy Steps to Adding Telehealth to Your Physical Therapy Business with Rob Vining

In this special bonus training we cover:

The Five Easy Steps You Need to Take to Start a Telehealth Practice

Exactly Why You Need to Add a Telehealth Option for Your Patients

The Ins and Outs of Treating Your Patients Through Online Video Visits

Exactly How to Market Telehealth Differently in Your Clinic

Here's What To Expect When You Get Started Today...

When you start in the The CashPT Blueprint today, you'll embark on a 10 week journey to building and growing the physical therapy practice of your dreams.

I've put this program together, from my experience training 1000's of passionate physical therapists, that provides for the best chance of success. You didn't get all your neuro lectures on the 1st day!

By the end of Week 3 you'll know what a successful cash practice looks like from the inside, have a solid understanding of the cash-based mindset, clear and definable vision for your practice.

By Week 5 you'll have your business entity created, a solid EMR system, and know the steps you need to take to open the doors for business.

By the end of the course you will have a business set up and ready to treat patients, a physical therapy practice that allows you to treat patients your way without Insurance headaches, and you'll have the key marketing systems in place that will allow you to reach patients directly, so they call you 1st and can avoid unnecessary surgery.

Special Bonus: Guest Pass - Get lifetime access to additional coaching & support in my Physical Therapy Business Ignition Program
($1,000/month Value) - FREE!
To ensure your success in cash practice happens faster and so you don't have to make the same mistakes I went through, you are invited to join me for LIFETIME access to my private Physical Therapy Business Ignition group. This is a $1,000 per month coaching program where you'll have UNLIMITED access to my best practice building materials, strategies and get answers to your questions. You can join in additional advanced Master Class trainings, Live broadcasts, get accountability and network with other like minded practice owners in the Facebook support community - all who are going through the same process, training and growth as you.

This coaching program is for people who want to fast-track their success and is typically $1,000 a month, which means you'll get access to a minimum of $10,000 worth of additional materials and practice building strategies, resources and support to ensure your success with The CashPT Blueprint, your business, lifestyle, and beyond - guaranteed.

Important: There is only a limited number of people I allow in this group and sooner you enroll in The CashPT Blueprint... the quicker you’ll be added to the Group …and the faster you'll experience Success in your business and Freedom to practice as you've always dreamed was possible!

Private Facebook Community

Connect with other like-minded practice owners in our private Facebook Physical Therapy Business Ignition community. This community is an amazing opportunity to network with your peers, get immediate answers to your questions, receive support from others just like you, receive feedback on your marketing strategies, business development and administrative decisions and an opportunity to help each other as you build and grow your practice.

Through this select community of physical therapy business owners, you will accelerate the growth of your business and save lots of time, money and frustration because you'll have access to people who have done this before, are on the journey with you and who are here to help you win.
If you’ve ever wanted me to personally teach you the same business building strategies that have produced hundreds of six-figure earning physical therapy practices then you have no excuse not to invest this program because it really is a great deal!

Can you imagine how successful you would be with me in your corner?
To Make This a No-Brainer, I'm Going to Just Give You These Additional Bonuses...but You Have to Act Fast!
Special Bonus #2: For the Next 10 People...
As part of your CashPT Blueprint Program you will have exclusive access to The MobilePT Academy: An exclusive online training on how to start a MobilePT or Home Health Cash-Based Practice!

(A $1,997 Value) absolutely FREE!
the mobile pt academy
In this online training we cover:

✅ The pros and cons of starting a MobilePT Biz
✅ Marketing strategies for your MobilePT Biz
✅ The billing and documentation for your MobilePT Biz
✅ SEO strategies for your MobilePT Biz

...Including a Live Q&A with me!
Special Bonus #3: When You Register Today...
As part of your CashPT Blueprint Program you will have exclusive access to The GymPT® Formula: An exclusive masterclass training and Step-by-Step Blueprint to opening your cash practice in a CrossFit Box, Personal Training Gym, Yoga Studio or Any Fitness Facility!

(A $1,997 Value) absolutely FREE!
the gym pt blueprint
In this online training we cover:

✅ Exactly What You Need to Get Started
✅ My Top Negotiation Strategies for Subleasing a Space
✅ The Pro’s & Con’s of Setting Up in a Gym
✅ How to Market Your Gym Based Clinic
✅ How to Grow & Scale Your Gym Based Cash Practice
"Your resources page in the CashPT Blueprint is so helpful. I needed a list like that!"

- Jason Matthew DPT - Dublin, GA
"Hey Aaron The CashPT Blueprint is honestly, best money I have ever spent. As a new grad this would of taken me much longer without your product. So thank you for making this product and bridging the gap our education never really gave us."

- Zach Harmon DPT
Think about something for a second...

The average patient is worth about $1,400 to a practice (8 visits at $175/visit) and you really should be charging much more!

Just 2 new patients pays for this course with money left over.

What if just 1 of the techniques in this training or the bonuses help you get just 10 new patients you wouldn't have reached otherwise?

And what if only half of these patients refer just 1 other patient to your practice?

That's 15 new patients and over $21,000 of new income!

How would your life, and practice, change if you could get 1 more new patient per week next year?

Dan McGovern PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS 
NEXT LEVEL Physical Therapy

My "cash-based" PT practice has increased patient volume by 33% in the first quarter compared to last year (in spite of a snow filled winter in New England). I can confidently attribute this gain in part to the information that Aaron provides in his PT Business Ignition Group and The CashPT Blueprint program.

Ryan Godfrey PT, DPT 
NEXT LEVEL Physical Therapy

When I enrolled in The CashPT Blueprint, I was starting at ground zero with my practice and here we are 1.5 years later and I'm seeing 15-20 clients per week and 65-75 clients per month. Six months ago I raised my rates and that’s generated over $1500 in revenue per month and I really owe this to implementing what I have learned in Aaron's program.
The CashPT Blueprint is an online training program for achieving success in the cash-based physical therapy model.
I've included over $7,000 worth of bonuses! The original price of The CashPT Blueprint was going to be $5,000, but for a limited time only, instant access to the secrets of creating a successful cash-based physical therapy practice are available to you for just $2497 today!
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