The CashPT Toolkit

Documentation & Administrative Forms For Your Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice.

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  • Are you starting a small low overhead physical therapy practice and looking for an effective, efficient and cost effective solution for your documentation needs
  • Are you starting a cash based physical therapy practice and overwhelmed with the time it takes to compose and build all of your documentation and communication templates
  • Are you frustrated with the available EMR options that are not built specifically for a small cash-based practice

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the CashPT Toolkit is for you. I have put together the documents and templates I use to run my practice in a small and safe download. You can use these right away, add your logo or customize them as it works best for you. I find that keeping paper notes in manila folders with two holes at the top is a very quick and efficient method of documenting my treatments.

I have not found an EMR that meets all of my needs, including scheduling on my phone with a dedicated phone app, time efficient solution to uploading the paper intake forms & objective measures I use in my practice, and cost justification when most EMR suites start at $50/month per therapist.

The CashPT Toolkit includes the following documents:

  • Documentation Templates
  • Patient Intake
  • Consent Forms
  • Communication Templates
  • Administrative Forms
  • Outcome Measures

The CashPT Toolkit is designed for small cash based therapy practices to help you document efficiently, maintain compliance as well as communicate with other providers and insurance companies. These documents get you started until you transition to an EMR or sustain you for years as a simple form of documentation and administrative tasks. All of the included forms, except the outcome measures, are in Microsoft Word format and can be customized by you and personalized for your practice.

Mary Ruth Velicki PT

I am in the process of starting a cash-based practice and found the Cash PT Toolkit very helpful. Seeing the documentation used in a current practice helped me understand the requirements and this was a good starting point.
This window into what has worked for Dr. LeBauer has saved me time, and it was easy to tailor the forms to my personal needs/style. It was especially helpful since Dr. LeBauer’s practice combines complementary and traditional treatment approaches which mirrors my intended practice.

Mary Ruth Velicki PT DPT -Author 'Healing Through Chronic Pain

Richard Symister MSPT

If you are considering or are in the midst of opening up a cash-based/out-of-network physical therapy practice Aaron’s products will save you time, money and much aggravation. MovEvolution Physical Therapy highly recommends LeBauer Consulting to any physical therapist involved in a cash-based business.”

Richard Symister MSPT MovEvolution Physical Therapy

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  • Downloadable forms that I can use and customize as my own
  • Simple notes that save you time & money vs. an expensive EMR
  • Easily communicate with physicians, insurance companies & referral sources

Originally The CashPT Toolkit was going to be $500, Today I’m Selling A Limited Amount For Only $147!

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Download the CashPT Toolkit and you will receive all of the following documents:

  • Documentation

  • Patient Forms

  • Outcome Measures

  • Administrative

  • Patient History
  • Re-Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Patient Re-Activation
  • Initial Evaluation
  • Re-Evaluation
  • Daily Note/SOAP
  • Discharge Summary
  • MD Report -Need Referral
  • Informed Consent
  • Cancellation/No-Show Policy
  • Insurance Benefits Worksheet
  • Physical Therapy Referral to Medicine
  • Super Bill Template
  • HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices
  • HIPAA Consent to Release PHI
  • Modified OSWESTRY
  • Neck Dissability Index
  • Patient Global Rating of Change
  • Lower Extremity Functional Scale
  • Berg Balance Scale
  • Patient Specific Functional Scale
    • Progress Note
    • Thank You Letter Script
    • Fax Cover Template
    • Phone Call Screen
    • Phone Call Script
    • Rate Increase Email
    • Workshop Sign-In Sheet
    • Apple Pages

    • MS Office

    • Google Docs

    • .zip Download

    Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT

    As a solo therapist in a cash based practice, I have not found an EMR product that meets all of my needs that is cost effective and allows me to perform all functions while on the go.  I use these documents daily to run my practice, keep my overhead low, communicate with other health care professionals, insurance companies & referral sources, and to document efficiently and thoroughly.

    I use the documents contained in this download along with a two hole punch manila folder, file box, my Android phone, Google Calendar and Dropbox to perform all the essential non-patient care functions in my office.

    Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT -LeBauer Physical Therapy

    The CashPT Toolkit helps you maintain a low overhead practice, while saving you time and simplifying your documentation so you can concentrate on doing what you love, treating patients.

    Hey Aaron,

    Yes, I did receive your download for the tool-kit, and yes it was worth every damn penny.

    I am opening my doors (soft opening for two cash-paying patients) for my own cash-PT clinic TOMORROW February 1st.

    And yes, I did wait until the very day before to figure out my documentation and paperwork, thanks for bailing me out of this one!

    Thanks for all of the content you've put out, I've listened to every podcast, I have no idea where I would be at this point in my journey if not for guys like you.  I'll be joining you on your journey to prevent 100,000,000 unnecessary surgeries out here in California!


    Kevin Mao DPT

    P.S.  When I saw you included an SFMA based google docs eval I almost shed a tear! Thanks again!!!

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    My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

    I personally guarantee your satisfaction with the documents contained in this product and that they will give you the tools and templates you need to run your cash-based physical therapy practice. If you are unsatisfied with the content of this download, please contact me personally. If we are unable to resolve any issues, let me know, and I will refund you 100% of your payment price as long as you contact me within 30 days of your purchase.

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    • SBA Business Plan Outline – a good business plan is vital to a successful practice
    • Patient Testimonial Form – Easily ask your satisfied patients to sell your services for you with testimonials and online reviews.

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    This download contains documents which I have created from scratch and others that I have gathered from various sources and modified for use in my practice.  Please check your state’s practice act and please consider consulting with your legal advisor prior to implementing these documents in the care of your patients.