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Amy Vander Linden

Amy Vander Linden has been a physical therapist for more than 16 years. She owns Moment of Truth Physical Therapy in Phoenix, AZ and specializes in treating women with pelvic floor dysfunction using Myofascial Release.

Her membership in The CashPT Blueprint and Aaron’s Mastermind and Coaching Group has helped her stay consistent with the action steps she needs to take to grow her practice from an idea and doubting this would work to a successful and thriving 100% cash-based MFR practice.


Mandi Fetters Vonderhaar

Mandi Fetters Vonderhaar is the owner and clinic director of Active Physical Therapy in Columbus, OH. She offers a patient-centered approach; creating a specialized plan of care for her patients based on their needs and goals, not what their insurance company dictates.

Through her experience as a student in The CashPT Blueprint Mandi learned how to run a business, which she never learned in PT school. She can also more effectively market her practice and learned how to communicate with her patients, so even when people think they need to use their insurance, they become patients for life.

Leon Knight

Leon is from North Carolina and grew up playing basketball. He loves working with an active population to promote wellness and injury prevention in addition to bringing them back from sidelining injuries.

Since enrolling in The CashPT Blueprint Leon has started a brand new cash-based practice, Movement Solutions Physical Therapy in Charlotte, NC. The #1 thing he learned from Aaron was how to add more value for his patients and in turn, easily increase his rates so he can earn more from his practice and at the same time maintain the lifestyle he enjoys.

Justine Calderwood

Justine Calderwood is the owner of The Healing Spot Physical Therapy in Woodland Park, CO. She specializes in Myofascial Release and helps people with back pain, neck pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions. She has built a practice that enables her to treat each individual as a whole person, and she is dedicated to delivering high-quality care to get her patients back to the active life they love. ​

Prior to enrolling in The CashPT Blueprint, Justine was really unhappy in her job and felt like she was turning into an evaluation machine and not able to treat patients the way she wanted, and was limited in how she could treat her patients. Now she has a practice that she loves, which allows her to treat patients the way she thinks is best and to be able to do what’s right for her patients.

Tugg Karbo

Lesley (Tugg) Karbo is a physical therapist and former football player in Houston, TX. He specializes in treating injured athletes and returning them back to peak performance using functional movement screening and manual and manipulative therapy.

Since enrolling in The CashPT Blueprint he has been able to identify and attract the exact type of clientele that he enjoys. Starting his cash-based practice has allowed him to spend more time with his family and avoid burning out on the profession. Through his experience in Aaron’s Mastermind and Coaching group, he has learned how to be happy charging premium prices for his services by getting patients to buy into him and their journey, not just “physical therapy.”

  • Frustrated with insurance companies dictating your treatments and withholding payments?
  • Overwhelmed by starting a cash-based therapy practice and unsure where to turn for help?
  • Eager to transition your current in-network practice to a cash-based practice?
  • Do you want a simple system for starting a cash-based therapy practice?
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Hey Aaron, my practice is building up nicely! This past week was my first week having multiple days of 5 pts/day. I started with almost $250K in debt! I ultimately want to bite the bullet in the next few years & pay it off ASAP… …and I haven't borrowed a cent more to start my cash practice. I’ve maybe invested about $1,000 to get started. No regrets so far!

Matthew Zanis, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS
Matthew Zanis, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS Zanis Physical Therapy

Aaron provides an invaluable service to the PT community -all over the country. His insights on business and patient care have given me the wings I need to offer services to my patients that they can't get anywhere else. Thanks Aaron!! Keep the momentum going and soon all PT's will be out of the trenches!!

Kaye Sharp PT
Kaye Sharp PT Sharp Integrated Physical Therapy

“"The CashPT Blueprint has helped me look at my practice's marketing plan in the bigger picture. It also gave me the confidence to follow my intuition of connecting with the community as opposed to the standard focus of attempting to talk providers (within the 5 minutes you are lucky to get) into sending me patients. 

I've been super busy lately largely because of something you mentioned in one of The CashPT Blueprint modules. You were talking about creating a more equal relationship with providers as opposed to feeling like we're kissing their asses, buying lunches for the staff and asking for referrals. It was about letting them know the specific value we offer their patients and also communicating with the community. 

I recently held a series of 4 community classes on various topics, gave information to all the providers, put up flyers, promoted it on Facebook, and donated the proceeds to a local service club. Thanks for your help and advice. I've been slammed ever since!”

Mike Gable DPT
Mike Gable DPT Eastern Sierra Physical Therapy and Wellness Center

The CashPT Blueprint has been instrumental in setting up our practice. My wife and I were lost when we first attempted to find information for integrating physical therapy with our massage therapy practice. Our online search led us to Aaron LeBauer’s CashPT Blueprint. After reading about all it had to offer, we knew it was the only way to seamlessly setup our business.

Aaron provides you with a systematic plan and online modules that take you through every step. Everything from setting up licenses, liability insurance, website/blog setup and how to market your business is included in the program. This is all great content that you will need to make your business successful. Even more impressive is the support and mentorship we’ve gained through working with him.

Aaron always takes the time to answer our personal email questions, and the live Q&A sessions each month allow you to ask questions and receive feedback immediately. We recommend The CashPT Blueprint to anyone looking to setup their practice quickly and efficiently.

Ryan Godfrey, PT, DPT & Sara Godfrey, LMBT, PTA
Ryan Godfrey, PT, DPT & Sara Godfrey, LMBT, PTA BodyTherapy, Inc.

The CashPT Blueprint is a tool designed to streamline the process of opening your own cash practice as well as take a lot of the stress and decision-making out. Not only is Aaron able to hand you this "cash practice in a box" complete with paperwork, invoices, and tutorials on setting up your own website and increasing your visibility on search engines like Google, but he also follows up and does ongoing tutorials, ongoing teaching and offers ongoing consulting for those that might need it.

I really can't say enough about the value that Aaron's services have added to my practice and even more so what it means to have support and encouragement from a group of therapists all moving in this direction!

Amy Vander Linden, PT
Amy Vander Linden, PT Moment of Truth Physical Therapy

I'm feeling so blessed and productive....I've been dreaming of starting my own cash-based PT business for over a year and things are now falling into place. I found a rental space and in the past couple of days have gotten a lot of the necessary paperwork done to actually become a business! I've feeling so lucky because my landlord is excited to help me out and see me take the first step to starting my own business, that he offered a 6 month lease (instead of 12 mo) with the option of renewing up to 3 times under the same terms and conditions, AND he paid for my first year’s dues to become a member for the local Chamber of Commerce. Seems he has the “Give to Get” mentality that Aaron discusses in The 5 Pillars of Cash-Based Physical Therapy Success. Thanks Aaron for sharing your knowledge and expertise….buying the CashPT Blueprint was the best decision I’ve made! If I hadn’t, I would still just be dreaming of “someday”.

Justine Calderwood, PT
Justine Calderwood, PT Owner of The Healing Spot Physical Therapy, LLC

When I enrolled in The CashPT Blueprint, I was starting at ground zero with my practice and here we are 1.5 years later and I'm seeing 15-20 clients per week and 65-75 clients per month. Six months ago I raised my rates and that’s generated over $1500 in revenue per month and I really owe this to implementing what I have learned in Aaron's program.

Ryan Godfrey PT, DPT
Ryan Godfrey PT, DPT NEXT LEVEL Physical Therapy

My "cash-based" PT practice has increased patient volume by 33% in the first quarter compared to last year (in spite of a snow filled winter in New England). I can confidently attribute this gain in part to the information that Aaron provides in his Inner Circle and The CashPT Blueprint program.

Dan McGovern PT,DPT,SCS,ATC,CSCS NEXT LEVEL Physical Therapy
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